Washington Huskies football Recruiting Class 2018 Small But Mighty

Washington Huskies football Recruiting Class 2018 Small But Mighty:
With only eight (nine with the late news yesterday) recruits, the Washington Football recruiting class of 2018 has not yet gained national notoriety. But don’t let the numbers fool you. Per Scout.Com’s latest summary, the Washington Football recruiting class of 2018 is tied for sixth best in the country with Alabama. It’s the number of recruits which has sunk the Huskies to 19th nationally. No other team in the top 25 has fewer than ten recruits so far. And that is where the Huskies are lagging behind.

The Washington Football team has been attracting great fits from some of the nation’s finest athletes. But recruiting takes time, particularly when the recruiting area ranges from the State of Washington to California to Tennessee to Texas. Finding just the right fit is exhausting work. To punctuate the point, Washington had 65 days elapse between the commitment of defensive end Draco Bynum on April 22, 2017, and that of offensive tackle Matteo Mele on June 26, 2017. At that pace, the team will still be recruiting to fill the class of 2018 scholarship spots in December 2018. That feels like it could cause a problem.

Washington Huskies football Recruiting Class 2018 Small But Mighty

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Washington Huskies football 2017 is most popular in this season. The question is not a matter of who or how, but when. The team has intrigued as many as 20 hopeful football players. Now it’s simply getting to the point in time when a player and University synch up the mutual interest. Recently I had forecasted five bold predictions for June 2017. The team has accomplished three. I had forecasted that the team would be ranked as high as seventh nationally. The team extended offers and landed a commitment from an offensive lineman Matteo Mele. With this latest report, I am running three of the five. The remaining two open items are a tight end commitment as well as a defensive player commitment.

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Washington Football is building a very special team. Rather, series of teams. On one hand, that’s the nature of NCAA college football. Each year, players graduate, enter the NFL Draft, and the team must restock the shelves. So it’s a bit of a chess game. On the other hand, the key to recruiting is to anticipate the roster needs several years in advance, and then recruit for those needs. With the University of Washington Football, the team believes in depth. In summary, the team recruiting is not on the current roster, but for the roster of tomorrow.

In the end, the sunshine is not always the best track to take. The NFL career which lay before college athletes offers plenty of sunshine later. NCAA football is the time to train to be the best. But it’s not always something a maturing teenager wants to hear. In the end, Washington Football coaches had the best batten down the hatches. Another USC poaching storm is heading their way.
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